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Boone & Darr, Inc. is able to provide a full line of management services to our customers, no matter what type, size, or phase the project is in.

First we offer complete estimates to the customer. They can range from a small remodel to a totally new system installation. We recommend only the best materials and methods of practice to insure complete satisfaction from the customer.

In addition to our estimating services, we also have a state of the art CAD department. This allows us to adapt to changes that the customer wants to make during the project. Our CAD capabilities also allow us to do complete design-build projects.

Our Project Managers stay on top of all projects from start to finish and will work directly with engineers, if desired, to make sure that all of the specifications will continue to be met. Our Project Managers offer team concept building programs, pre-construction evaluations, value engineering appraisals and complete project management and follow-up.

We continue to provide these services long after the project completion date.
No matter what type of project; Industrial, Commercial, or Institutional, our company can cover any scope of work. We offer installation services for piping, high and low pressure steam, compressed air, HVAC, piping, plumbing, and vacuum systems. We can meet the demand of special operations of medical gas distribution piping, oil seperators, waste water, and treatment systems, paint handling and mix systems, and pneumatic systems. We can provide the right up to date HVAC system and system controls for highly sensitive equipment using of the current technologies and user-friendly equipment.
We are also Michigan’s foremost leader in the installation of ultra-clean piping systems for the semi-conductor, nano-technology, and food and beverage industries. We have over 20 years experience with high-purity orbital welding equipment and processes.

A few things we’re great at

Construction Services

In business since 1954, Boone & Darr, Inc. has been serving the greater Washtenaw county region and surrounding areas for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, process piping and boiler systems.

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Our Engineering Department over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering . We offer complete design services to get your project underway.

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Crane Services

Our 22-ton boom truck can handle the majority of your lifting needs. We have an experienced certified union operator and our truck is certified annually and is equipped with nylon lifting straps and shackles for unit rigging. Spreader bars, four hook spreaders, and a moon buggy roof cart is available upon request. 

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Excavation & Demolition Services

Please contact us regarding our excavation, demolition and hauling services. Our equipment rates all include the services of a polite, skilled, safe, licensed and trained Union Operator.

Service Department

Our Service Department, just like our Company, is more diverse and has more experience than any of our competitors. Our customers are very loyal partly due to the fact that one phone call solves most of their problems.

CAD Department

The biggest fans of our CAD Technicians are the tradesmen that work off of their drawings. With our 3D capabilities including collision check and fly / walkthrough software we have taken the guesswork out of fabrication and layout.